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Bethesda Fountain and Terrace in Central Park New York, NY

New York NY US

Cop Cot in Central Park New York, NY

Center Drive
New York 10019 NY US

Belvedere Castle Terrace in Central Park New York, NY

79th St
New York 10021 NY US

Summit Rock in Central Park New York, NY

Central Park West
New York 10024 NY US

Wagner Cove in Central Park New York, NY

Terrace Drive
New York 10024 NY US

Great Hill in Central Park New York, NY

Great Hill
New York 10025 NY US

Gapstow Bridge in Central Park New York , NY

Gapstow Bridge
New York 10019 NY US

Gapstow Bridge in Central Park New York , NY

Central Park Conservatory Gardens French Garden in New York, NY

5th Avenue 1240-1242
New York 10029 NY US

Conservatory Gardens English Garden in Central Park New York, NY

5th Avenue 1220-1228
New York 10029 NY US

Conservatory Gardens Italian Garden in Central Park New York, NY

5th Avenue 402
New York 10029 NY US

Ladies Pavilion in Central Park New York, NY

New York 10024 NY US

Harlem Meer in Central Park New York, NY

Lenox Avenue 110
New York 10029 NY US

Cedar Hill in Central Park New York, NY

East Drive
New York 10024 NY US

Cherry Hill in Central Park New York, NY

Bow Bridge
New York 10024 NY US

Shakespeare Garden in Central Park New York, NY

79th Street Transverse 76-98
New York 10024 NY US

The Pool and South Lawn in Central Park New York, NY

Bridle Path
New York 10024 NY US

Queen Wilhelmina Garden in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

Ggp Access Road
San Francisco 94121 CA US

Chain of Lakes in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

San Francisco 94122 CA US

Stow Lake Chinese Pavilion in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

East Stow Lake Path
San Francisco 94118 CA US

Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

John F Kennedy Drive
San Francisco 94117 CA US

Fuchsia Dell in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

Conservatory Drive East
San Francisco 94118 CA US

Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

Martin Luther King Junior Drive
San Francisco 94118 CA US

South Pointe Park in Miami, FL

Inlet Boulevard
Miami 33139 FL US

Lummus Park in Miami, FL

Ocean Drive 599
Miami 33139 FL US

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park in Miami, FL

Ocean Drive 250
Miami 33139 FL US

Indian Beach Park in Miami, FL

Collins Avenue 4601
Miami 33140 FL US

Collins Park in Miami, FL

Collins Avenue 2111
Miami 33139 FL US

Christopher Columbus Park Trellis, North End in Boston, MA

Christopher Columbus Park Path
Boston 02110 MA US

Kelleher Rose Garden, Back Bay Fens in Boston, MA

Emerald Necklace
Boston 02215 MA US

Jamaica Pond in Boston, MA

Perkins Street 258-290
Boston 02130 MA US

School Master Hill, Franklin Park Dorchester in Boston, MA

Circuit Drive 1
Boston 02124 MA US

Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

East Basin Drive Southwest 701
Washington DC 20242 DC US

DC War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Independence Avenue Southwest 1964
Washington DC 20227 DC US

The National Mall: The George Mason Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Ohio Drive Southwest 900
Washington DC 20024 DC US


Create your Happening with a world class event designer. Tom Noel’s vast understanding of timeless traditions and an innovative eye for the future. noel.events and Wizard World, the creators of the national phenomenon ComicCon, have joined forces to bring you themed weddings. Choose from our all-inclusive Wizard World Weddings packages or spring into action and create your own package. We believe great Happenings are turning your visions into reality and providing a simple solution to a complicated process.

noel.events is a full service planning and production service provider that covers a wide range of Happenings. To begin simply select Ceremonies, Receptions, Elopements, Weddings, Vow Renewals, Proposals or Events on the option bar above the map.

We have highly iconic locations across the country, providing breathtaking backdrops to your Happening. Select the city on the map and click.

You may pick one of our all-inclusive packages or build a custom package all offered through Tom Noel’s design expertise and created for your inspiration. All packages have been carefully tested and proven with spectacular results.

Whether its food, flowers, or photography, you are able to put together the perfect combination to suit your particular needs. Even though we are confident in our excellent team member contributors, noel.events is an open service provider. We understand you might already have some services covered, therefore we are happy to work with them since your comfort is most important to us.

Follow steps 1, 2, 3, & 4 and then you are well on your way to your perfect day! If along the process you should require some assistance, our expert team of specialists are available to answer any questions you might have.


After defeating the process of creating your Happening, it’s time to reserve your Happening. You have complete control of the planning process and access to your Profile from anyplace and anytime, whether on your phone or in outer space. You have total control with the full confidence of execution under Tom Noel’s talented team to assist and guide all the way.

Privacy is paramount. At noel.events, we will not share any of your information without your direct consent.

Selecting Pending Reservation will immediately email your Happening details and record locator, as well as, offer a consultation with a Specialist. Feel free to share your Happening with others and when you are ready to start our services, simply click on Reserve.
*Note: A Pending Reservation does not hold a reservation or engage services.

Upon selecting Reserve, you will be immediately directed to pay a 5% deposit. This officially engages our services and lets the planning process begin! Now that you are an noel.events customer, our team will begin to secure your date, time, & location details.
*Note: If we are not able to provide you with the date, time, & location requested, your deposit is 100% refundable.

By using your record locator, you will have secure access to your Profile. Your Profile includes everything you have ordered, which you can make changes to whenever you desire like, cut/paste photos, video, or songs, review menus and do much more to refine your vision. Your Profile and Planning team are available to you from anywhere, any time by a click, call or chat!

Six weeks prior to your Happening, you will be assigned to your own personal Event Manager. This person will oversee, as well as, be the liaison between you and all your team members and services. Your personal Event Manager will prepare and present a back-up plan for inclement weather. One-week prior with your Profile complete and all the details to your liking, your Event Manager will be monitoring the weather and communicating with you options to ensure successful results. Your Event Manager will confirm your complete Team 72, 48, & 24 hours prior to your Happening and to empower our vast Team resources, in the case that a backup Team member is required.
Your Event Manager is most knowledgeable on all of your specific details and will coordinate with you to set up your walk-through based upon your availability.

We recommend (not required) a walk-through of your Happening typically two weeks to one-day prior. This is done with your Location Manager. The Location Manager is your in-person contact, an expert on your location and the day of coordination. Working with your Event Manager and your Team, the Location Manager will be with you from your walk-through to your Happening. You will be given a map-link with a specific meet location. Your Location Manager, holding signage indicating your Happening, will greet you at the meet and from there will walk you through the entire site and review schedule.

Your Plan is in place! Now, its time to make the magic happen! Two hours prior, your Event Manager will contact you with confirmation that your Team and all details are in order. Your Location Manager will arrive to the designated meet location (map-link provided) one hour before and will review locations, get into position to check-in Team Members and report to your Event Manager. The Location Manager will now be in position to accept you and your guests, while your Event Manager is carefully watching over all the details.


On the day of your Happening, you can conquer the world knowing that all your planning is being taken care of. Knowing your efforts in planning have been put into motion by the knowledgeable and capable noel.events team, enjoy this time by getting ready to be with your guests, as you prepare to attend your Happening.

Everything else we have covered as we stand by Tom Noel’s philosophy that, “a well produced event allows clients to attend their own event as a key-guest with worry-free, knowing and believing that everything is being tended to their satisfaction.” With both your Event Manager and On-Location Manager overseeing everything from flowers to LiveCast, you will be fully immersed in enjoying your day’s events as they unfold. Our Team celebrates when your Happening exceeds your expectations! At noel.events, we believe that memories are our true gold. It is with great pleasure and honor that we were able to help you create and produce a beautiful life long memory for you and yours.

Our Team

The fastest growing events team in the US, all comprised of the best of the best. From initiation to participation in three easy steps.